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In and around the City

Depending on the events and activities in the city, the weather, road work sometimes, maybe your specific requests, Greeters will propose a unique walk along the streets or by the water.

Saint Acheul District

Amiens is also known for the prehistoric tools that were found in the quarries. They are now being transformed into a garden in a new district. Come and discover the legends around St Firmin, St Domice, St Ulphe.

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AMIENS in brief…

First city in France in terms of number of UNESCO World Heritage sites, Amiens is famous for its Notre-Dame Cathedral, a jewel of Gothic art and one of the largest cathedrals in the world.

Nicknamed the “Little Venice of the North” because of the many canals that cross it and the hortillonnages (a set of floating gardens covering 300 hectares), Amiens offers a rich heritage and picturesque districts, witnessing a two thousand year history. Since 1992, the City of Art and History label has rewarded the protection and enhancement of this heritage.

The city’s contemporary image is strongly linked to three activities that extend beyond its borders: its status as the historic capital of Picardy, the importance of its university and the vitality of its cultural life supported by infrastructures and events of national scope.

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